A Chachi woman weaving a basket

A Jaguar

2 Day Visit

This program is ideal for people who are short on time: in just two days you will have an experience which will stay with you for a lifetime and learn much about the local culture. The program includes opportunities to learn about local culture and visit primary rainforest, and can be adapted to suit your individual needs.

Day 1

The adventure begins in Borbon, a small port on the Rio Cayapas. We have a daily canoe service from Borbon to San Miguel in a canoe called the 'San Miguel Eco Tourismus'. The journey takes 3-4 hours and provides an excellent introduction to the the life of people here. When you arrive in San Miguel, you will take up a room in the community run lodge, and have lunch in the restaurant. After lunch you can take part in a range of activities which include:

                        - Fishing from canoes with the locals.
                        - Visiting the community forests.
                        - Listening to a Marimba demonstration (traditional music).
                        - Joining in the daily football (soccer) match.

Alternatively you can relax in a hammock on the veranda and enjoy the beautiful views, and tranquillity.

Day 2

After breakfast, we travel in a traditional canoe to the community forests. The people of San Miguel have the rights to 2 000 hectares of forest, and have resisted the temptation to log these forests. We will spend the morning walking on paths through the forest with a guide from San Miguel. In the afternoon we will return to San Miguel and take lunch in the lodge. After lunch you can visit one of the Chachi Indian villages which are close by, or join in the life of the village before returning to the lodge for some dinner and a well earned rest.