View from the top of the waterfall

The Rio San Miguel
3 Day Adventure

In this 3 day program you will journey upriver through dense forest to an indigenous village where you can learn about about a way of life which has changed little in 400 years. Afterwards you will venture into the uninhabited forests of the reserve, spend a night camping in the forests and visit a towering waterfall.

Day 1

The adventure begins in Borbon, a small port on the Rio Cayapas. We have a daily canoe service from Borbon to San Miguel in a canoe called the ´San Miguel Eco Tourismus. The journey takes 3-4 hours and provides an excellent introduction to the the life of people here. When you arrive in San Miguel, you will take up a room in the San Miguel lodge, and have lunch in the restaurant. After lunch you can take part in a range of activities which include:.

                        - Fishing from canoes with the locals.
                        - Visiting the community forests.
                        - Listening to a Marimba demonstration (traditional music).
                        - Joining in the daily football (soccer) match.

Alternatively you can relax in a hammock on the veranda and enjoy the beautiful views, and tranquillity.

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast we depart for the reserve with guides, food and equipment. To reach the reserve we will travel up river for 3-4 hours in a canoe without motor. Just before the reserve lies the Chachi village of Corriente Larga where we will stop. The large distance between this village and Borbon has helped to preserve the traditional lifestyle making it an excellent place to learn about the culture of the Chachi Indians. After lunch we will leave the village and will travel upstream through small rapids into the reserve. When in the reserve we will hike for 2 hours to Pinuipi, a small river where we will set up camp for the night. This is an excellent location for camping since you can bathe in the crystal clear waters and we may well see some animals who come to drink at dusk.

Day 3

We will take breakfast early and leaving the camp in place, trek further into the reserve. After 2 hours of climbing steadily we will arrive at the top of the San Miguel waterfall, which plunges 100 m over a cliff edge down into the forest floor. From here you can look out across the reserve, where untouched forest stretches to the horizon, and swim in the pools further up stream. After some time to relax we will return to the camp and collect our things before returning to San Miguel in canoe. Once we have got back you will have the chance to shower and change before having a late lunch in the lodge. The afternoon can then be spent relaxing and enjoying the last of your time in San Miguel before returning to Borbon early the next day.