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Mothers and their children
Teaching English


Volunteers will be teaching in the Schools of San Miguel and other villages along the banks of the Cayapas River. This plays a significant part in increasing the educational opportunities of local people and in doing so will help to lay the foundations for a successful future.


Volunteers travel to San Miguel independently following an induction in our office in Quito. On arrival in San Miguel volunteers will be introduced to the head teacher of the School and will draw up a timetable which reflects the needs of the School and the volunteer, this will ordinarily include lessons on each school day (Monday-Friday 7:30AM - 12:00) and may also include lessons for adults on Sunday mornings. Volunteers eat and sleep in the lodge in San Miguel, those who are teaching in neighboring villages travel there by canoe in the mornings and return in the afternoons. In the afternoons volunteers have free time. This can be spent relaxing in the lodge, studying Spanish, socialising with other volunteers, or by joining in with the life of the village.

Volunteers must speak English perfectly and have a working level of Spanish. The minimum commitment is 1 month. Volunteers make a $75 donation (not mandatory) which is used to buy teaching materials and fund other improvements. Volunteers pay $1 per day for accommodation in the lodge and $2.50 per meal to eat in the restaurant. Volunteers can also buy food and prepare it themselves in the lodge kitchens to reduce costs.

How to Proceed

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. To apply for a placement please send your CV (resume) and a covering letter to us by email.